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the little deer

Based outside of Brighton, Little Deer are a small independent company specialising in industrial style home interiors and retail fittings.

We first discovered Little Deer when searching for a clothing rail for our bedroom. The clothing racks we had previously seen, whilst functional, were not the most aesthetically pleasing.  

Little Deer’s signature copper clothes rails were designed to tackle this issue.

Each rail, as well as other beautifully curated pieces for the home and retail space, is handcrafted from their workshop and studio using materials such as copper, iron and wood

Below we are placing the spotlight on some of our favourite items on the Little Deer website.

Pampas Grass

Dried flowers and grass is a huge interior trend that will continue into Spring/Summer. Little Deer’s naturally dried flowers add texture and colour to the simplest of settings.

pampas grass

Despite seeing dried flowers on every home decor post, we have found it really difficult to find the likes of pampas and canary grass to order online. Little Deer have a varied collection available for delivery in the UK with each piece wrapped in brown paper and boxed to ensure they arrive with you safely.

Drawer Handles

Upcycling furniture has become one of our favourite hobbies. Simply changing drawer handles can give new life to an old set of drawers or add personality to new. The Little Deer have an adorable collection of handles for drawers including a Fox Head, Hare Rabbit and Golden Honey Bee.

And if woodland creatures aren’t your thing, The Little Deer also have a selection of leather, marble and brass finished handles for a more contemporary finish.


Little Deer’s brightly coloured lockers are a fun and welcomed move away from the grey colour palette that has saturated our homes over the last few years. Available in various colours, shapes and sizes the lockers are versatile, adapting to any room.

Clothing Rails

Highlighted in the intro above, the clothing rails are a Little Deer staple. Made using 100% real copper, each clothing rail has been crafted with style and function in mind. The collection has now expanded from the original copper design and includes rail racks in brass, iron and wood.


Whether free standing or wall mounted, Little Deer’s shelves and units are the perfect place to display decorative ornaments. The use of simple shapes and industrial materials make a statement in any room.

the little deer

Visit the Little Deer website to shop more home accessories as well as the pieces highlighted above.

Little Deer also offer a made to order service if you require any of the furniture on site in a different size or design.

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